People called her „the ugliest girlfriend in the world.“


When this woman got married six years ago, she received a lot of negative comments about her appearance. But six years later, she underwent a remarkable transformation…

When it comes to taste, there can be no disputes. This maxim contains so much truth, as the fact is that what is considered beautiful by some can easily be seen as unattractive by others.

When a Russian couple shared photos of their special day on social media, they did not know that these photos would go viral for reasons they had never imagined.

The bride’s appearance was found ridiculous by many, especially because she was on the heavier side and appeared relatively taller than the groom.

Shortly after, the internet was flooded with negative comments about the couple, and they became the subject of mockery and ridicule.

Few people close to the couple shared their congratulations and stood by their side.

There were many mean comments. Some even claimed that the husband was marrying the woman because she was probably wealthy and that he loved her for her money, which was far from the truth.

This regrettable event happened about six years ago, and despite all these years, the photos are still being shared, and the comments are just as mean as when the photos first appeared on social media.

Recently, a journalist came across the viral photo of the couple and decided to do some research to find out if they were still together.

What he discovered was that the couple is still as in love as they were on day one.

What shocked him, however, was the incredible transformation that the woman had undergone over the years since her viral photo, where she was labeled „the world’s ugliest bride.“

Today, it is very difficult to recognize that she is the same woman that the internet mocked because of her appearance.

She is completely unrecognizable. Not only has she lost a considerable amount of weight, but she has also changed her hairstyle and fashion style.

How many people can claim to have undergone such a radical transformation in their lives?

Not many, I suppose. It truly takes incredible dedication to accomplish something like that.

No one really knows what triggered the desire for change.

After many saw the new photos, they claim that social media pressure forced the woman to lose weight, although her husband loved her just the way she was.

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