Meghan Markle’s 2 requests before she reconciled with Prince William and Kate Middleton have been revealed by an expert.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s withdrawal from royal life in 2020 created a rift with the royal family.

Living in California, they publicly criticized members of the royal family, especially during their interview with Oprah and following various projects.

Meghan’s relationship with Prince William and Kate Middleton remains strained.

Speculations are now circulating that Meghan might possibly return to the UK in May, potentially for a reconciliation.

However, a royal expert claims that Meghan has two demands before reconciling: „groveling“ apologies and increased support from Kate.

The expert stated that William wants apologies from Harry for past insults and behaviors.

He feels that Harry has used family crises for personal publicity.

This issue escalated when Harry mentioned Kate in his book.

Despite attempts by other members of the royal family to reconcile, tensions persist.

Harry and Meghan attended Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral separately, but Harry visited her again after his father’s cancer diagnosis.

He proposed reconciliation efforts but faced resistance from William.

Harry plans to participate in the Invictus Games in the UK, where Meghan is listed as a guest, but hesitates due to security concerns for their children.

Apparently, Meghan wants apologies for not feeling supported by Kate during her time in the royal family.

The expert does not foresee an imminent reconciliation due to Meghan’s complaints.

Although Kate’s illness sparked hopes of family unity, Meghan’s complaints persist.

Despite William and Kate’s efforts to bridge the gap, Meghan’s unresolved issues prevent reconciliation.

Harry supports Meghan’s viewpoint, which could hinder progress.“

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