Try to find the difference hidden in the astronomical image in 17 seconds


Welcome to the observation mission! Get ready for Star Trek, in which a young woman, passionate about astronomy, goes into outer space in search of cosmic secrets.

In this exciting scene, you will see this astronomy enthusiast surrounded by celestial elements, including a comet and a star. However, your task is not just to appreciate the beauty of the cosmos, but also to find the difference between the two images. There is a detail hidden in the stars, and only a careful look will reveal it.

While a young girl is devoting herself to exploring the universe, it’s time to test her powers of observation and concentration.
Are you ready to reveal the secrets of the stars? Let’s get started!

The difference has finally been revealed!

You explored space together with a young woman who is passionate about astronomy, carefully observed the stars and the mysteries of space in search of details that made one of the images special. It’s time to find out what the difference is. Are you ready to find out the answer?

Here is an image showing a noticeable difference and highlighting the moment that challenged your eyes. Finding hidden details on this challenging level is an exciting intellectual journey that tests your observational abilities.

The difference in hair, pay attention to who has a very fine detail in one of the pictures above the ear, and in the other from behind, did you notice? Keep improving your observation skills, because new visual adventures are always waiting for you.

See you on your next journey full of observations and fun!

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