An exciting adventure. Try to find 7 differences hidden in the robot image in 19 seconds


Look at the picture and try to find the differences in this game „7 bugs: Robot“, look carefully.

There are 7 differences between the two images, aren’t there?

Have you found the differences yet?

So, let’s get to the answer!

Did you manage to find all 7 differences? In the picture below you will see all of them marked in the photo.

Mistakes in Game 7: Robot

1. The mouth is wider.
2. The yellow cloud is thinner in the upper right corner.
3. The mounting screw is missing.
4. The holes in the pipe connecting the housing to the wheels are different.
5. The lowered arm is completely purple.
6. The orange stone next to the lowered hand is missing.
7. The thread runs along the arm that touches the robot’s head.

And then you managed to catch all the differences right in the „Game 7 bugs: Robot“? Write to us in the comments!

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