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Welcome to a quest full of taste and fun! In „Find items in the pantry“ you will have to embark on an intriguing journey between shelves full of joys and surprises.

The picture shows a charming pantry, which stores a lot of tempting products. Among the mouth-watering things there is also a charming kitten, curious and full of charm. It looks like a cozy place full of secrets!

Here’s the assignment: You’ll have the exciting task of finding six carefully hidden items in this amazing storeroom. These are small gastronomic treasures that will test your powers of observation and whet your appetite for entertainment.

Get ready to explore every corner, open doors and find out what’s hidden behind pots, jars and drawers. Will you be able to find all the items?
Let’s start the search for the pantry! Enjoy this amazing challenge and good luck finding all the hidden objects.

It’s finally time to reveal the secrets hidden in our delightful pantry! You’ve scanned the image in search of six carefully hidden objects, and now it’s time to discover them.

Without further expectation, here is an image of the labeling of all items:

It’s incredible, isn’t it? Congratulations to everyone who plunged headlong into this ordeal and found all the treasures hidden in the storeroom!

Thank you for participating, and we hope that you were interested in discovering the secrets of this storeroom full of surprises.

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