Try to find 3 different characters in the picture in 15 seconds


Are you ready for a new journey into the gaming universe? Today, we will dive into the colorful world of the most famous plumbers, Mario and Luigi!

In the picture, the Mario brothers are ready for another epic adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom. However, there is something out of place that only perceptive eyes will notice.

Your task: discover three beetles carefully hidden in the scene. They could be connected to objects, flowers, or even facial expressions! Are you ready to find these camouflaged details?

Train your observation skills: this task is not only about finding mistakes but also about improving your observation abilities. Mario and Luigi trust you to adjust the course of their story and correct any minor errors!

Join in and share: invite your friends to join the search for details and have fun exploring the mushroom world. Then, share your discoveries and challenge other adventurers to beat your record!

Brave adventurers, it’s time to reveal the hidden differences in the magical portrayal of the renowned Mario and Luigi!
Final countdown: this was a challenging task, but if you identified the changes and unraveled the secrets of the image, you are truly an experienced quiz detective for geniuses!

In the image below, we highlight all 3 differences:

We want to express our gratitude to all participants who took part in this visual challenge. Your dedication and commitment make Genius Quiz a special place!

Explore new trials: stay tuned for updates, as new challenges and fun await you.

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