Try to find the difference between a child artist in a picture in 11 seconds

Visual test

Are you ready, perception explorers? In our latest assignment “Find the Differences: Designer,” we invite you on a journey into the wonderful creative mind of a child. In this charming scene, a little designer sits at their desk, turning the blankness of paper into a landscape full of colors and details.

This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the magical world of children, where imagination is the most powerful tool and every stroke tells a story.

The child becomes an artist, driven by the pure joy of creativity, and it’s up to you, curious observers, to uncover the nuances that make each image unique.

This visual assignment will test your observational skills. Is it a tree with extra leaves? A detail in the clouds that has slightly changed?

Or perhaps even a small animal hidden in the landscape? Challenge yourself to find the differences that escape you at first glance and reveal the secrets that the creative mind of this child has brought to life.

It’s the long-awaited moment, art lovers and keen observers! The time has come to unravel the mysteries. I am delighted to see your perception skills at work in this captivating visual challenge.

Below, you’ll find a comparative image where the differences are prominently highlighted for easy identification. It’s time to compare, contrast, and uncover the details that escaped you at first glance. Let each discovered difference be a small victory, a triumph over the presented visual challenges.

Thank you to all participants who have engaged in this search for the subtleties of the little artist’s creativity.

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