Visual deception. try to find the difference in the images in 13 seconds

Visual test

Welcome to the special Christmas assignment. Amidst the magic and joy of the festive season, embark on this charming journey with an adorable little girl dressed as Santa Claus. Your keen eyes will navigate the Christmas atmosphere, but there is a subtle difference that challenges even the most festive hearts.

In the image, the little protagonist holds a lovingly wrapped gift in his hands, and a friendly bird decides to take part in the celebration and lands on the gift.

While the little girl is overwhelmed with joy and anticipation of Christmas, her mission is to find out what makes this scene unique. Will it be a variation of the color of the lights, a detail of a gift bow, or perhaps something more unusual?

Good luck, Christmas detectives! Let the search for differences give a special touch to this season of celebration and magic.

After a charming immersion in the Christmas spirit, it was an exciting moment to reveal the difference that was hidden between the festive details. Let’s light the way and celebrate the opening!

Congratulations to all the holiday detectives who managed to identify a unique detail with their sharp eyesight. Every detail of the lighting and decorations contributed to the creation of a charming scene, but you found the highlight.

The Quiz for Geniuses will continue to offer exciting tasks, so stay tuned to avoid missing out on new opportunities to test your skills.

We thank everyone for making this Christmas assignment so exciting, and hope to see you again for solving future puzzles.

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