Try to find the hidden difference in the picture in 8 seconds if you have eagle vision

Visual test

Welcome to a wonderful, relaxing time in the “Quiz for Djinn”: In a cozy atmosphere, we will follow two brothers and sisters, a boy and a girl, experiencing a special moment before going to bed. While the girl is giving herself up to the magic of stories, the younger brother has already allowed himself to be carried away into the sweet embrace of sleep.

In this assignment, your mission is to explore the moments of a night’s rest and reveal the subtle difference that lurks between the two images. The cat’s dream, her stories and affection are in a serene picture, but there is one hidden detail that needs to be revealed.

Get ready for this night journey and go in search of the uniqueness that makes this magical moment so special.

Let your night eyes be sharp, and let the detection of differences add charm to this dream. Good luck, visual researcher!

After a peaceful journey into the world of dreams, it’s time to illuminate the answer and find out what makes this dream moment so unique!

Here is a difference that has escaped the attention of many. The tail of the kitten in one of the images is behind the hair, and in the other in front, did you notice? Tell us!

To all the participants who allowed themselves to envelop the serenity of the night, we sincerely thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm.

The Quiz for Geniuses will continue to offer exciting challenges, so stay tuned so you don’t miss out on new opportunities to test your skills. We thank everyone for making this night’s challenge so exciting, and hope to see you again for solving future puzzles.

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