Visual test: You have 10 seconds to identify the 3 differences in the image.

Visual test

To start the year off right, we invite you to test your visual skills with this new challenge. In this one, you will need to observe two images that are more or less identical and find the elements that differentiate them within a limited time. It’s a very stimulating puzzle that only those with a keen sense of observation will solve on the first try. Do you want to know your level? Discover the rules of the game below.

In this new test, the rule to follow is very simple. You have two images placed side by side. It’s the same illustration with a few noticeable differences. It depicts a young man lying on a sofa and sleeping with his hand on his face.

There are 3 differences between the two images of the young boy. What you need to do is find all of them in 10 seconds. If you succeed on the first try, it will prove that you have a sharp eye and a very high level of concentration.

To be sure of succeeding on the first attempt, you must get in the right condition. Try to isolate yourself from noise and distractions to be entirely focused.

Was it too difficult for you? Discover the answers to this visual test. Did you manage to spot the trio of differences between the two images? If the answer is no, it’s okay. It simply means that you need a bit of practice. In the meantime, allow us to enlighten you on the answers to this visual test.

The first point of dissimilarity is in the floral painting in the background. One of the sunflower leaves has a different position in the two images. The second difference is at the level of the sleeping boy.

Pay close attention to the bottom of his shirt, under one of his arms. You will see that it is also positioned differently in the two images. The last dissimilarity is again at the level of the boy’s shirt, but this time, it’s about the sleeves.

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