Let’s find out the only difference in the incredible journey of the „astronaut“ in 8 seconds


Welcome to a space journey full of visual challenges, where the limits of the Earth are overcome in search of the only difference! we are transported to the starry void, where a fearless astronaut floats in outer space, waves photos and challenges the unknown.

Now imagine yourself in the silent immensity of space, where every star is a distant beacon, and an astronaut dressed in his special suit performs a space salute. The scene is a mixture of wonder and mystery, and inside this greatness, an unusual thing awaits its discovery. Your discerning eyes will be guided by constellations and spatial nuances as you search for the inconsistency lurking in this star portrait.

Is this a part of an astronaut’s costume? The peculiarity of the stars that surround it? Or perhaps an element of surprise floating in infinite space? This challenge promises to awaken everyone’s cosmic curiosity, challenge visual perception and invite you to explore the unknown.

May this adventure in the cosmonauts universe be full of emotions and discoveries as we dive into the search for the differences that make this experience truly unique. Good luck to you, space explorers!

It’s an electrifying moment to solve the cosmic mystery! Before we reveal the difference in the amazing journey of the “cosmonaut”, let yourself appreciate the excitement of discovery.

This is the crucial moment when the difference is revealed, which stands out in the starry expanses of the cosmonaut’s image. Each attentive and curious glance led to the discovery of details that stood out in the vastness of space.

Have you managed to replace the strap of the astronaut’s oxygen backpack? Tell us in the comments!

We thank you for participating in this exciting star journey!

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