An exciting adventure. Try to find the difference hidden in the guitarist’s photo in 14 seconds


In this melodic journey, you will be transported into the enchanting world of music, where a talented guitarist stands out among the rest. However, there is one special detail that requires your keen attention.

Imagine the gentle sound of guitar strings as you observe the artist in action. Now, your task is to identify the discrepancy hidden between the images. Is it related to the melody or to a discordant note in your visual performance?

In this task, each note is a key to solving the puzzle, and harmony depends on your ability to spot the difference.

Get ready for this visual duet! Good luck, musical detective! I wish you to discover at least one note out of time and share your findings with us in this auditory experience.

Once you’ve set yourself up for the „Spot the Difference — Guitar Player“ task, it’s time to identify the dissonant note hidden in the guitar strings.

Eureka! That’s the long-awaited answer. The marking reveals a unique difference that challenges visual harmony. Let’s find out what makes this musical assignment so intriguing.

Have you noticed the difference in your hair? There are 2 lines on one of the pictures, and only 1 on the other, tell us in the comments how long it took you to find it!

Each challenge is a unique journey, and we hope you enjoyed this auditory and visual experience.

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