An exciting adventure. Try to find 3 mistakes hidden in a photo of graduates in 19 seconds


Get ready for a thorough investigation as we explore a corporate meeting scene. In this dynamic and professional environment, an inappropriate detail could be the key to uncovering hidden errors in this image.

Imagine entering a conference room where colleagues gather to discuss strategies, exchange ideas, and collaborate on important projects. While one employee is giving a presentation, other team members are attentively listening and ready to share their observations and ideas.

However, not everything is as it seems in this business setting. Among the seemingly correct details are barely noticeable inaccuracies that will challenge your ability to observe and differentiate. Can you identify all the discrepancies and find the mistakes that escaped your notice at first glance?

Pay attention to the details and don’t miss anything as you try to uncover the secrets of this corporate meeting.

May your search for misconceptions be successful, and may you derive maximum enjoyment from this engaging quiz!

The long-awaited moment of error detection at a corporate party has finally arrived! Let’s take this one step further to identify these omissions and complete our visual observation task.

Carefully analyze each identified error and see how they differ from what would be considered correct at a professional corporate meeting.

Now that the errors have been identified, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants for dedicating themselves to participating in this quiz for geniuses! Until the next quiz!

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