An exciting adventure. Try to find 3 bugs hidden in the photo in 16 seconds


Welcome to the drawing contest! Get ready for a mission of observation and deduction as we explore a bustling construction site. In this dynamic scenario, where workers are dedicated to their hard work, inappropriate details can easily escape notice at first glance. Your task is to carefully examine every aspect of the image and identify the mistakes hidden in the actions of the employees.

In the picture, we’re transported to a construction site where the action is in full swing. As the workers carry out their tasks, conflicting details may arise, challenging their ability to observe and differentiate.

Prepare for a visual investigation where each erroneous discovery will bring you closer to unraveling this mystery.

So, without further ado, let’s embark on this adventure of error-finding and test your ability to spot inconsistencies amid the frantic activity of unfinished work.

Get ready to explore every corner of the image and find the mistakes that escaped your attention!

Finally, the long-awaited moment has come to identify errors in the work under construction! Let’s take this one step further to dispel these misconceptions and complete our visual observation assignment.

Now, when displaying the image, it will be possible to clearly identify errors that were hidden between the lines of the work scene. By carefully examining each marking in the image, you will be able to see where the parts are aligned incorrectly or where there are inconsistencies with what would be expected in a real construction situation.

Carefully analyze each highlighted error and see how it differs from what could be considered correct in the unfinished work. Each discrepancy opens up an opportunity to learn and improve your observation skills.

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