An exciting adventure. Try to find the hidden differences in the picture „Crazy Boy“ in 14 seconds


Who doesn’t remember Menino Maluquinho, the charming character created by Ziraldo? This iconic figure in Brazilian children’s literature has won the hearts of children and adults alike with his adventures and antics. And now he’s back with another fun game, this time with the task „Find the Differences!“

The „Menino Maluquinho“ series, created by the Brazilian writer and cartoonist Ziraldo, is a true masterpiece of children’s literature. The book „O Menino Maluquinho,“ first released in 1980, quickly became a hit among children of all ages, enchanting generations with its captivating plot and charismatic characters.

Crazy Boy is known for his unique individuality and free spirit, always ready to embark on adventures and explore the world around him. Thanks to his rich imagination and desire for fun, he teaches us valuable lessons about friendship, creativity, and the joy of life.

Now, in this task, players will have the opportunity to join Menino Maluquinho in another one of his exciting journeys. By carefully examining two images, they’ll need to identify the discrepancy hidden between them, testing their observation skills and concentration.

Get ready to embark on this adventure with Menino Maluquinho and have a fun time searching for differences that challenge even the most attentive players. Can you find what’s out of place? Only a keen eye and lots of attention can solve this puzzle!

It’s time to talk about solving the problem! Before continuing, I would like to pay tribute to the late Giraldo, the brilliant creator of the beloved Menino Maluquinho, who left us at the age of 91. His genius and talent have been remembered by many generations of readers and remain alive in his works, which fascinate and inspire to this day.

And now let’s get down to the task! While searching for the differences between the two images of Monino Luceno at a plentiful table, the participants had the opportunity to chat with this unusual character and experience the adventures and joy that he brings. And after a few minutes of observation and concentration, it’s time to understand what this difference is, which challenges even the most attentive.

May the legacy of Menino Malkin and his creator Giraldo continue to inspire and fascinate people of all ages, bringing a smile to their faces and a sparkle in their eyes, as he always did.

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