An exciting adventure. find as many differences as possible in the picture in 43 seconds. How many are there in total?


Welcome to an exciting game! Get ready for a visual adventure full of fun and challenges.

In this vibrant scene, you’ll see a bustling pool filled with charming animals enjoying the sun and refreshing water. However, there’s more here than meets the eye! Your mission is to find all the differences between the two images.

So let’s start searching for the differences and find out who can uncover all the secrets hidden in the pool!

Take a close look and compare the subtle details to spot the discrepancies that have been cleverly hidden. This game will test your observation and concentration skills as you have fun exploring the lively aquatic environment. Are you ready to embark on this journey full of challenges?

Your mission is to find as many differences as possible. How many are there? Have you found them all yet? On the next page, we’ll see if you’ve found them all.

It’s finally time to reveal the differences found in the game „Spot the Difference: Animals in the Pool“! I hope it was interesting for you to look at the images and analyze the smallest details.

Now it’s time to find out if your powers of observation were enough to notice all the differences. Get ready to discover and be surprised by the features and subtleties inherent in these two images.

So let’s sort out the inconsistencies and appreciate the care and creativity shown to this visual puzzle. Are you ready to find out which animals were in the pool and which were not? The answer is given below!

So, tell us how many differences you found, we found 13 differences in total, and you?

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