Try to find the hidden differences in the image of the deliverer in 17 seconds


Welcome to the contest! You will have to go on an exciting virtual journey where your observational abilities will be tested. Get ready for an exciting challenge full of intriguing pictures and an exciting mission: find the difference between two almost identical images of an adorable courier and his faithful companion dog.

In this task, you will have only one minute to carefully analyze two images next to each other. Your goal is to discover the subtle difference that lurks between them.

Remember that time is ticking! Focus and be ready for the challenges. Enjoy the game while immersing yourself in the magic of these breathtaking images.

So are you ready to embark on this visual adventure? Set a timer and start the search! Let the trial begin.“

So, did you manage to find the difference? It’s really simple!

It’s finally time to respond. Congratulations on your insight! You accepted the challenge and carefully analyzed the images in search of differences.

So, now is the time to find the right answer. Let’s find out what was hidden between the two images of the courier and the puppy.

So, in the picture below we highlight the difference!

Did you manage to find the difference in less than a minute? Write to us in the comments!

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