Try to find hidden differences in the image of a girl in 17 seconds


Get ready to test your powers of observation as we delve deeper into the intriguing image. In this task, you will find a charming scene in which a curious girl with a magnifying glass explores a small plant, paying great attention to detail.

Your task is to find the difference between two seemingly identical images, but be careful because time is running out! Pay attention to the smallest details, as the difference may be in color, a missing or added object, or any other inconspicuous element that escapes a less attentive eye.

Challenge yourself and see if you can meet the allotted time by training your visual perception skills. Be prepared for the unexpected, because sometimes differences arise where we least expect them!

Are you ready to start? Take a close look at the picture from the task „Find the difference in one minute: the girl with the magnifying glass“ and see if you can find the difference in less than a minute. Good luck!“

It’s time to find a solution to the problem! During the last few minutes, you have devoted yourself to a thorough analysis of the image in search of the discrepancy that caught your eye. Now it’s time to find out if your heightened perception has managed to identify another element.

As we can see, the girl’s hair in one picture is behind the mouse, and in the other — in front.

And then you managed to find him in less than a minute? Write to us in the comments.

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