Try to find the hidden differences in the „student“ image in 21 seconds


„Welcome to our final drawing contest! Get ready for an engaging puzzle that will test your perception and observational skills.

In this task, we present a charming scene with our main character, a delightful student, ready to embark on an educational adventure. With a backpack on her back and a joyful smile on her face, she’s ready to embrace a new day of training.

While the images may appear identical at first glance, there is a small detail in one of them. Your task is to find this inconsistency in less than 21 seconds. Can you spot what has changed before time runs out?

Prepare to focus all your concentration and sharpen your vision. With each passing second, the task becomes more intriguing. And remember, the most exciting part is participating and testing your visual abilities.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the search for differences, following this student’s path to knowledge. Challenge yourself, challenge your friends and family, and share the results to make learning even more engaging.

Time is ticking, and the student is eager to see if you can unravel the mystery. Good luck, and let the search for differences begin right now!“

It’s time to respond! Before revealing the answer, let’s recall the charming scene we presented.

In the picture, a pretty student is ready to meet the academic world, enthusiastically carries a backpack and smiles affably. Both versions of the image look almost the same, but there is one small detail that has been skillfully changed.

If you managed to find the difference in less than 1 minute, congratulations! You have impressive visual acuity and deserve credit for your attention to detail.

In the image below, we highlight the difference so you can see it!

So, did you manage to find the difference in less than 1 minute? Tell us in the comments!

Until the next test!

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