Try to find the hidden differences in the image of the „cleaner“ in 13 seconds


„Welcome to our exciting visual competition! Get ready for a new round of searching for unique differences hidden in what appears to be an identical scene. This time, we present to you the figure of a devoted janitor, ready to tidy up and make the environment around them impeccable.

In this task, we present two images that at first glance seem like perfect twins. Both images depict a hardworking janitor with a broom and a cleaning cart, ready to take action. However, as always, there is one subtle detail that differs between the images — an element that requires a sharp eye and insightful mind to uncover.

The countdown begins right now, and we urge you to find the difference as quickly as possible. Your time is limited, but your observance knows no bounds. The faster you spot the inconsistency, the sharper your gaze will be.

So, get your eyes in order and focus on the task we’ve set before you. The janitor is waiting for you to prepare for this intriguing search for differences. Good luck, and let the visual adventure begin!“

Your wait is coming to an end! You focused your attention and observation on finding a discrepancy between the seemingly identical images of the cleaner, his broom and the cleaning cart. And finally, the exciting moment has come to reveal a difference that defies even the most careful observation.

During this waiting period, you remained vigilant, curious, and determined to recognize the unique details that distinguish the images from each other. With a beating heart, get ready to find the answer that many of you have been looking forward to.

In the picture below, we mark the difference so that you can see it.

So, did you manage to find the difference? Tell us in the comments, we will be glad if you leave a really cool comment!

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