Try to find 7 differences hidden in the picture „Mechanic“ in 22 seconds


Welcome to the exciting universe! In this lifelike image, immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere filled with tools, details, and, of course, the unmistakable charisma of our main character.

The mechanic, dressed in his characteristic jumpsuit, is focused in a relaxed pose, proudly holding his trusty wrench. But be cautious! Among the carefully crafted details, seven elements have been subtly altered, challenging your perceptiveness and observation skills.

Also, admire the charming presence of your inseparable kitten, whose irresistible charm won’t go unnoticed. Can you spot the changes made to this intriguing mechanical scene? Be prepared for a visual journey where every error found is a victory achieved!

Uncover the secrets of the workshop, challenge your eyes to find inconsistencies, and enjoy discovering the intricacies carefully embedded in this unique image.

Let the search for seven errors begin, and let your cunning be your greatest tool in this captivating visual journey!

Finally, the long-awaited moment has come to reveal the secrets of the workshop and identify seven mistakes.

Exploring every corner of the workshop, you may have noticed small inaccuracies that escaped you at first glance. Worrying about finding every mistake has undoubtedly sharpened your curiosity and concentration. Now that the answer has been received, you will have the opportunity to compare your findings and confirm your unique observational abilities.

Get ready for a visual surprise! Below we will present an image with seven errors, which will allow you to see each change and mark your achievements.

Congratulations on your participation and hope to see you in future competitions!

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