Try to find 10 differences hidden in the painting „the artist and the model“ in 15 seconds


Welcome to the final quiz! Get ready for a journey of careful observation and detail hunting because this time, the task is to find not 5 or 7, but 10 errors hidden in the image.

In this charming setting of the painting studio, a talented artist is focused on capturing the beauty of an elegant model on their canvas. However, as he immerses himself in his art, small errors have crept onto the scene, challenging his judgment.

If you look closely at the image, you’ll notice that not everything is perfect. From subtle details in the painting to misplaced objects, there are numerous inconsistencies waiting to be discovered. So, prepare your eyes and mind to identify each of the 10 errors and overcome this challenging task.

Are you ready to test your observation skills and find the errors hidden in this intriguing scene? Without further ado, dive into the quest for perfection and showcase your agility in the game!

The long-awaited moment to answer this question has finally come! You came to the drawing studio looking for 10 mistakes hidden in the scene between a talented artist and an elegant model. Now it’s time to find out what these misconceptions are and how they escaped your initial attention.

Regardless of the result, the main thing is the challenge and the pleasure it brought. Uncovering the hidden secrets in the scenes of the artist and the model required concentration, patience and close attention to detail. After all, this is how real visual detectives work!

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