Try to find the differences hidden in the „Artist“ picture in 10 seconds


Welcome to the new challenge that will test your observation skills in a charming artistic setting! In this image, a talented girl immerses herself in her passion for painting, bringing the room to life with color and creativity. However, there is something out of place, a difference waiting for your discovery.

In this task, your goal is to find the hidden difference between the images. As the young artist brings her painting to life, her sharp observation skills will be necessary to spot the details that don’t fit.

Can you identify it and solve the visual puzzle? The challenge begins now, and the search for differences in art is about to commence!

The moment that everyone has been waiting for for so long has come! After carefully examining the image of a talented artist in action, trying to find what stands out, it’s time to find the answer and identify the difference that was hidden in the creative strokes.

We hope that you have devoted yourself to this task with passion and that your eyes have explored every corner of the image in search of inappropriate details.

The difference lies in the artist’s supporting hand: in one of the paintings, she raised her finger, and a small spot appeared on the wall.

And that’s how you managed to find him? Write to us in the comments!

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