Try to find the difference between two images in 18 seconds


Are you ready for another exciting observation challenge? Sometimes, differences hide in the most inspiring scenes and noble actions.‘

Today, we present a captivating image that showcases solidarity and team spirit on a challenging journey. Your task is to find the difference between two images as quickly as possible.

In this scene, a young woman is reaching out to help a boy climb a steep hill. It’s a display of support and camaraderie, but there’s something elusive in the difference between the two almost identical images. Your challenge is to quickly identify this difference.

It’s time to demonstrate your skills as a visual detective and your quick thinking. Are you ready to embark on the search and solve the puzzle „Find the Differences: Trail“? Let’s begin!

Did you manage to find it? Then..

And finally, the long-awaited moment has come to reveal the hidden difference in this exciting visual accompaniment! You focused your attention, looked at the images carefully and tried to find the discrepancy separating the two scenes.

But did you manage to find her? As the premiere approaches, expectations are rising more than ever.

Are you ready to hear the answer? Don’t lose your curiosity, because it’s time to confirm your observations and find out which details played a crucial role in the subsequent scene. Get ready to open the „Spot the Difference: The Trail“ contest!

The difference was in the sleeve of the boy’s T-shirt, did you see that? Tell us in the comments, we will be glad if you leave a review!

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