Try to find the differences hidden in the picture with the image of a „cute picture“ in 15 seconds


Welcome to our drawing contest today, where attention to detail is key!

In the picture, a little girl proudly showcases her charming drawing on a piece of paper. Everything seems perfect, but there’s one peculiar feature: there’s one difference hidden in this image.

Your task is to find this discrepancy as quickly as possible. So, tune your virtual magnifying glass and get ready for an exciting observation. Let’s begin!

Have you found it yet? Then..

You showed your skill and patience by finding the only difference in the drawing of a cute little girl.

Now is the time to find an answer and point out what this discrepancy was from the very beginning. Are you ready?

Keep reading to uncover the secret of this cute drawing and see if the difference you found matches the answer.

And that’s why you managed to find him so quickly? Write to us in the comments!

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