Try to find the hidden crow in the photo in 17 seconds


Get ready for an observation challenge that will test your skills as a visual detective! In this image, you will see a person tossing a coin into a fountain, but hidden between the lines of this scenario is a small secret. Your task is to find the hidden crown.

This challenge is a test of patience and a keen eye because the crown might be camouflaged among shadows, textures, or simply creatively concealed. Can you determine where it is?

Prepare to embark on a search for this clever crow and demonstrate your observant nature. Find the crow and solve this visual puzzle. Come on, it’s time to start the investigation!

Sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?

After a thorough and patient search, the long-awaited moment has come to find the answer to the „Find the Crow“ task. This test will test your powers of observation and concentration as you study every detail of the image in search of the cunningly hidden crow. Now it’s time to solve the mystery and find out exactly where the crow was hiding.


The crow was hiding in the bushes. Congratulations to all the astute ornithologists who managed to find this mischievous bird! Your dedication and insight in detecting the crow are commendable.

Remember that details can often be easily overlooked, but with patience and concentration, we can uncover the secrets hidden in our images. Keep improving your observation skills and look forward to new tasks that will stimulate your mind and eyesight.

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