Try to find the differences hidden in the picture „school assignment“ in 9 seconds


Welcome to another observation competition! In this exciting game, we invite you to explore a classroom scene where a child is immersed in an important school task.

Your goal is to find the difference between two images as quickly as possible. Only the sharpest and fastest eyes will succeed in this educational challenge.

Get ready to dive into school life and examine every detail. The key is to stay focused because the difference could be hidden anywhere. The faster you find it, the closer you’ll be to successfully completing the task. So, budding visual detectives, hone your observation skills and enjoy this educational challenge!

Then came the exciting moment that everyone was waiting for: the disclosure of the answer in the task „Find the differences: a school assignment“. Your search for details and careful observation will be rewarded.

Be prepared, because below you will find images next to the highlighted difference for your analysis. Will your insight and quickness in detecting inconsistencies be rewarded? It’s time to show off your visual detective skills!

Spot the differences: the answer to a school assignment
Have you noticed the difference? This is the size of a paper clipping, have you noticed? Write to us in the comments!

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