Try to find the differences hidden in the image of „madame“ in 13 seconds


Get ready for an observation challenge that will be a real treat for your eyes and imagination! Welcome to the world of high society. Here, an elegant scene awaits you: a sophisticated madam enjoying a cup of coffee. But that’s not the essence..

As she sips her coffee, her thoughts seem to turn to something unusual – a flying turtle! Your task is to quickly find the difference between two images. The faster you find it, the more impressive your visual detective skills will be.

Prepare for a search of details, fun, and elegance. While searching for differences, imagine what the madam might be thinking. After all, life in high society can be full of surprises!

It’s time to solve the mystery. Your attention to detail and sharp eye will be rewarded.

Without further ado, below you will find two images next to the highlighted difference for your analysis. Have you managed to convey the strangeness and elegance of this visual puzzle? It’s time to find the answer and show your detective skills!

The difference was in the turtle’s neck, it was a bit difficult, wasn’t it? Tell us in the comments how long it took you to find the difference.

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