Try to find the differences hidden in the „Cyclist“ picture in 10 seconds


Welcome to the „Find the differences: Road Safety Cycling Competition,“ where we not only test your observation skills but also emphasize the importance of cyclists and road safety.

Cyclists are a valuable part of our community, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable environment. They confidently glide through the streets, enjoying the wind in their hair and the freedom that bicycles provide.

However, cyclist safety is a serious issue. With the growing awareness of sustainable mobility, it’s crucial that everyone uses the roads responsibly. Cyclists deserve our respect and attention, and drivers must be aware of their presence and vulnerability in traffic.

In this challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the image of a young cyclist who uses all necessary safety gear. Your task is to find the difference between the images while remembering the importance of ensuring road safety for all travelers. Let’s go, adventurer! Find the differences and celebrate cycling culture while enhancing road safety.

The wait is over, Challenger! It’s time to notice the difference and check how sharp your observant eye is. Are you ready to tell us what is the uniqueness of the image of a young cyclist?

Stay with us until we tell you about the solution to this problem and take the opportunity to emphasize the importance of road safety.

The answer is just a few clicks away from us, so go ahead!

The difference is in the cyclist’s leg, in one picture it is tilted more than in the other, did you notice? Tell us in the comments, we will be glad if you leave them!

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