Try to find the difference hidden in the picture „Pilot“ in 15 seconds


Welcome to an exciting adventure full of action and thrill! You’re about to embark on a thrilling journey with a fearless pilot. Like you, she’s ready for adventures, but she has to solve a little mystery..

Your task is to spot the difference between two images as quickly as possible. Our fearless pilot, dressed in a uniform and driving a buggy, seems to be gearing up for something extraordinary. The question is, what’s the difference between these two images?

Sharpen your mind and dive into the action because this challenge is all about speed and observation.

The sooner you spot the difference, the closer you’ll get to becoming a skilled pilot observer. Let’s embark on this adventure!

Here’s the answer you really wanted to know. Below you will find two images side by side, which highlight and show the differences.

Did you manage to capture the details that made this pilot project even more special? It’s time to find the answer and celebrate your visual detective skills!

So, did you manage to find the difference? Tell us!

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