Try to find the difference hidden in the picture „A girl and her kitten“ in 15 seconds


Welcome to a contest filled with beauty and joy! Here, a lovely girl shares a special moment with her beloved kitten. It’s like a script of pure love, but there’s a little mystery in it..

Your task is to quickly identify the difference between two images. Both are irresistibly cute, but some discrepancies are yet to be discovered. The sooner you spot the difference, the closer you’ll get to becoming a master observer with a touch of tenderness.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of tenderness with a hint of challenge. Imagine the thoughts of the kitten as you search for differences. Does it have a secret for you? Enjoy and embrace this exciting challenge!

The wait for the task to be completed has come to an end. Your interest in detail and keen eye will be rewarded.

Here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for. Below you will find two images side by side, which highlight and show the differences. Did you manage to catch the discrepancy and solve the riddle? It’s time to find the answer and celebrate your visual detective skills by adding a little spice!

The difference is that the girl is holding her cute kitten in her arms, you know? Tell me, it was pretty simple, wasn’t it?

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