Try to find the 5 differences hidden in the picture „wine and cold cuts board“ in 23 seconds


Welcome to the contest that will awaken your interest in details! You’ll enjoy a scene where the taste of good wine meets the delightful elegance of a meat assortment board. It’s an irresistible invitation, but there’s a small problem..

Find the differences: Wine board and meat assortment board
Your task is to count how many differences are hidden between these two images. The elements are wonderfully similar, but with careful observation, you can spot some discrepancies. The faster you identify the differences, the better you’ll become at mastering observation and becoming a true connoisseur of details.

So, grab your virtual magnifying glass, enjoy the spectacle, and raise a glass to accepting the challenge that will truly celebrate attention to detail. A meat assortment and wine await you on the table. Let’s go!

The moment that everyone was waiting for in the task „Find the differences: on board in exchange for wine and cold cuts“ has come. We will be rewarded for searching for details!

Without further ado, below you will find two pictures next to the highlighted and calculated differences. Have you revealed all the secrets that these images hide? It’s time to find the answer and show your visual detective skills!

Find the differences: a wine and cold cuts board is the answer to this question
In total, we found 5 differences, and did you find more? Write to us in the comments!

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