Try to find the hidden differences in the pirate image in 12 seconds


Are you ready to cross the seven seas in search of pirate secrets?

In the background is a brave pirate, his faithful parrot and a formidable pirate ship. But be careful, the difference is hidden, and only the most astute and brave will be able to find it.

Are you ready to go in search of visual treasures? Awaken your eagle eye and immerse yourself in this exciting hunt! Come on, sailors!

After completing the task, do not forget to check the answer to discover a difference that will challenge even the most cunning pirates!

After a thorough and fearless study of the entire image of the pirate and his faithful parrot, you finally earned the right to discover the difference that challenged even the most experienced privateers.

It’s time to reveal the secret of the pirate hidden in this image! Get ready for a surprise worthy of fearless sailors.

Go on, the answer is waiting for you!

The difference was in the parrot’s paws, if you could tell that, tell us!

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