Try to find the hidden mouse in the photo in 14 seconds.

Visual test

Get ready for an intriguing task! In a picturesque scene where two ladies are having tea, a mischievous mouse appears. Can you find it?

But the fun doesn’t end there. In addition to the visible mouse, another rodent is cleverly hidden in the decorations. This is a challenge for real detectives and lovers of careful observation. Are you sharp enough to guess where the second mouse is?

This is a test of visual acuity, and we promise a reward for finding the hidden mouse. So be prepared, the answer will be revealed soon. Good luck, detective!

It’s time to find out if you completed this observation task.

In the charming setting with two ladies and a mouse, not only did you find the visible mouse, but now we’ll show you where the second rodent was hiding. If you found it, congratulations! Your attention to detail is truly impressive.

The answer is shown in the picture below, we’ve enhanced the drawing to make it easier to see.

So, did you manage to find it? Let us know in the comments!

We thank all the talented detectives who participated in this process. Until next time!

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