Try to find the hidden difference in a photo of a cat and a girl with a jar in 18 seconds.


Welcome to another exciting search for details in the task. In an environment full of love and fun, our main characters, a charming girl and her adorable kitten, enjoy precious moments spent together.

While the girl’s curious gaze expresses joy and affection, the cat seems to be having fun with her best friend. However, something is not as it seems, and here you come to the rescue!

At first glance, these two images may seem the same, but pay attention to every detail, because this portrait of friendship hides the only difference. Your task is to find out what distinguishes one image from another. This game is not only a test for your eyes, but also a celebration of love between people and animals.

So let’s get started! Get ready for a journey full of careful observation and fun. Set yourself the task of noticing the difference before it manifests itself, and immerse yourself in the world of friendship and charm. We will be very glad to know if you can win this competition. Good luck and have fun!

„The pleasure of searching has reached its peak! Today you will see the answer that many have been searching for so long, unraveling the mystery of this beautiful scene.

Are you ready for a loud ‚aha!‘? It’s time to find out what makes one of these images unique. Come on, let your curiosity triumph and enjoy the moment of revelation with a smile on your face!

So, the difference was in which hand she held her pet, in one photo she was in front, and in the other she was behind, did you notice? Tell us!

And until the next test!“

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