Try to find the hidden difference in a child’s photo in 20 seconds.


Welcome to another exciting and sweet adventure with a quiz about djinn! Get ready to test your perceptual and observational abilities in this exclusive building that will make you smile.

In the picture in front of you is a charming baby, comfortably hugging a pillow and a teddy bear, and his inseparable nipple completes the picture. At first glance, these two images may seem the same, but here’s the trick: there’s a subtle, mischievous difference hidden somewhere.

Your task is to embark on this fascinating journey and find what distinguishes these two images. It can be something small, a detail that will challenge your eyes and mind. This task is ideal for those who love observation games and are looking for a convenient puzzle that can be solved.

Are you ready to plunge into the charm of this challenge and test your visual detective skills?Let’s go in search of differences! Good luck to you!

Finally, the moment that everyone has been waiting for for so long has come – the discovery of differences! We hope that it was interesting for you to study the images of the adorable baby and try to find a detail that would make one of them stand out from the others.

Now, without further ado, we will tell you the most intimate secret. Take a look at the image below where we show the difference for you.:

The difference is in the baby pillow, in one of the images it is between the legs, and in the other it is not, have you noticed?

Congratulations to everyone who managed to solve the visual puzzle! And don’t worry if you haven’t found the difference.: These tasks can be difficult, but the main thing is to participate and have fun.

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