Try to find the hidden difference in the picture of the trumpeter boy in 18 seconds


Welcome to another exciting quiz for geniuses. Get ready for a musical experience by watching an excited boy playing the trumpet. However, there is something special about this image that requires your attention.

This test is an opportunity to test your observation, patience and determination. Among the seemingly identical images, there is a subtle difference that you have to find.

The excitement of the boy playing the trumpet is contagious, but something unexpected happened that led to a discrepancy in the images that you have to discover..

Are you ready to embark on this musical journey full of discoveries? The search for differences begins right now. Remember, harmony lies in the details, and satisfaction comes when you find differences. Good luck and enjoy every moment of this exciting challenge!

Enjoy the music and pay attention to the amazing details!

The long-awaited moment of response has finally arrived!

The answer to the question „What’s the difference?“ is about to be received, but remember that we don’t know exactly where it is. Let’s figure it out together:

Notice that in one of the images the hand is behind the pipe, and in the other it goes through the middle of it, did you notice? Tell us!

Congratulations to everyone who managed to discover this discrepancy and solve the mystery. His observation and patience were remarkable.

For those who haven’t found the difference yet, don’t worry — these challenges can be difficult, but the most important thing is to participate and have fun. Keep improving your observation skills and get ready for the next exciting genie quiz tasks.

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