Try to find the hidden difference in the designer’s photo in 19 seconds


Welcome to another exciting assignment! This time we are immersed in the world of creativity and observation. The image in front of you shows a young artist lying on the floor and ready to create a drawing.

It seems like a simple scene, but there is a difference between the lines.

Your task is to find the difference as quickly as possible, because you only have 1 minute to solve this visual puzzle! With a notebook and pencil in his hands, the boy is going to capture his imagination on paper, but something in the script has changed. The challenge is to figure out what it is.

Get ready for a time trial where your observational abilities will be tested. Every second counts, every detail is important. This task is ideal for those who like to test their wits and overcome time constraints.

Are you ready to find the difference in this visual puzzle in just 1 minute? The most interesting part starts right now. Remember that creativity is in the eyes of the beholder. Good luck!

It’s finally time to give an answer! We hope that it was interesting for everyone to study the image and find the differences in this observation and perception competition.

It’s time to show exactly what this difference is. Let’s take a look at the image below where we see the difference.:

Congratulations to everyone who managed to find the difference and solve this visual puzzle in just 1 minute! Your observation and dexterity were amazing, the difference was in the boy’s legs, they were crossed in different positions, did you notice?

Keep honing your observational skills and get ready for the next exciting challenges.

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