Try to find the hidden difference in a photo of a woman wearing a helmet in 19 seconds.


Welcome to another exciting quiz․ Get ready to embark on a visual adventure along the picturesque trails of the majestic mountain. One of the images conveys the spirit of achievement: a smiling, brave woman celebrating climbing to the top. But there is an intriguing twist to this scenario․

At first glance, these two images seem to be the same, but there is a hidden difference in them. Your task is to find out what makes these images special. Will it be an inconspicuous detail or an unexpected change that will challenge your sharp eye?

This test promises to test your powers of observation and concentration. When looking at the pictures, remember that the answers may be hidden in the details. This is an exciting journey for those who like to solve visual puzzles.

Are you ready to find the differences hidden in the footprints images? Don’t worry if you get stuck, our Genie is here to give you a couple of tips. Now go on a quest and enjoy an exciting hunt for differences!

When you find a difference, share your discovery in the comments and see how many difference hunters have the same attentive eyes as you. Good luck!

The long-awaited moment of receiving an answer has finally arrived! We hope that it was interesting for everyone to study the images from the trail, to test their powers of observation and curiosity.

Without further ado, it’s time to talk about the difference that has challenged everyone in this visual puzzle. The answer is here…

Congratulations to everyone who managed to find the difference and solve the riddle-trace! His powers of observation and dedication were amazing.

For those who haven’t noticed the difference yet, don’t worry — these challenges can be difficult, but the main thing is to participate and have fun. Develop your powers of observation and get ready for the next exciting challenges

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