Try to find the hidden difference in the image of a crying girl in 12 seconds

Visual test

Welcome to the most popular competition! Get ready for the scorching heat and test your attention to detail by helping a friendly girl ease her discomfort.

In the picture in front of you is the usual scene of a very hot day. A little girl dressed in light clothes is clearly feeling the effects of the scorching sun.

Her face is covered with beads of sweat and she is struggling to cool down. But here’s the problem: there’s a hidden difference, a detail that doesn’t fit into the original scene. That’s where you’re going!

Your task is to carefully examine both images and identify this difference. It may be something minor, such as a color change, the absence of an object, or even a slight inversion. But be careful, our creators like to complicate your perception!

Are you ready to demonstrate your powers of observation and puzzle solving skills? Don’t forget to keep your cool despite the intense heat, and immerse yourself in this adventure to find the differences and become the winner of the quiz for geniuses. Good luck!

It’s time to find the answer to our problem. We thank you all for participating in this interesting competition and for your attention to detail.:

Please note that this may be a minor change, an amazing detail that went unnoticed:

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