Try to find the differences in the image of a tourist in 12 seconds

Visual test

Welcome to an exciting new assignment. Get ready for an adventure of observation and perception while we explore the paradises of a small island. In the picture, a tourist with a suitcase and a selfie shelf captured a special moment in this idyllic setting.

At first glance, these two images look the same, but there is a slight difference. Your mission is to find out what makes these images unique.

What is this detail of the landscape? Another accessory? A gesture or a restrained smile? It’s time to test your powers of observation and show that you are a real visual detective. Explore the details, analyze carefully and solve riddles to become the best in this challenging task. Are you ready to search?


Take advantage of the “Spot the Difference: Tourist” task and have fun exploring this unique island. Good luck and start your search!

It’s finally time to solve the mystery! If you have devoted your time and observation to this activity, get ready for the pleasure of finding out what distinguishes these two images.

And the difference is here! In the marked image, you will see a detail that makes one of the images unique. It can be an object, a gesture, or something that at first glance escapes your attention.

These difficulties indicate how sharp your perception is and how well you navigate the visual world. Congratulations on the start of this exciting journey!

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