Try to find the difference between the architect hidden in the picture in 18 seconds


Welcome to another intriguing observation task in the quiz for geniuses! Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of architecture, testing your ability to distinguish details? Come on!

In the image in front of you is a scene radiating sophistication and talent. A woman, apparently an architect, poses for a photo against the backdrop of an impressive architectural structure.

Architecture is an art form that combines creativity, engineering and vision, creating structures that tell stories and shape cities. This is an area where even the smallest details can be crucial.

However, here’s the problem: there are small differences hidden in both images. These may be changes in the color palette, changes in the details of the structure, or even in the movements of a woman. Your task is to use your sharp powers of observation to discover these differences and become a real visual architectural detective.

Architecture is an expression of a person’s creative potential, and the ability to capture these nuances is necessary in order to truly appreciate this kind of art. Get ready to explore this visual challenge and unravel the mysteries of images while admiring the beauty of architecture.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Put on your viewing glasses and immerse yourself in the world of architecture, looking for differences. Good luck!

It is an exciting time to reveal the answer to our task. Thanks to everyone who took part and tested their powers of observation by solving another fascinating puzzle.

The differences that caught your attention are highlighted in the picture below. Please note that these may be minor changes that may go unnoticed by an inattentive eye.

It’s incredible, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s the small details that are crucial. We hope that everyone enjoyed this test and that it was an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of architecture and observe it carefully.

Keep improving your observational skills and stay tuned

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