Try to find the hidden difference in a photo of a lawn mower in 13 seconds


Prepare your sharp eye and observation, because this time we are going to immerse ourselves in a picturesque garden. In this visual puzzle, we explore the ability to find unique details in an image that at first glance seems identical.

In the image you will see a purposeful boy mowing the grass in a beautiful garden. It all looks like a peaceful outdoor work scene, but there’s a little secret hidden here.

There are differences between two almost identical versions of this image, and your task is to find out what has changed!

This is a great opportunity to test your attention to detail and observation. Find the differences between the images and challenge your friends to find out who is the real master of the game „Spot the Differences: Lawn Mower“. Let’s start looking for the difference and see who finds it the fastest!

The wait is over! You’ve spent time carefully examining the image, and now it’s time to solve the mystery and identify the place of difference that caught your attention. There is tension in the air, but the answer is about to open.

Are you ready for the big reveal? That’s where the difference lies:

Congratulations to everyone who managed to discover this complex discrepancy! Your attention to detail and observation are amazing.

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