Your mission: try to find the difference between a dancing girl in 9 seconds

Visual test

Welcome to another fascinating visual assignment “Spot the Difference: a girl and her coffee”! Imagine yourself in a cozy environment where a happy girl enjoys a special moment next to a cup of irresistible coffee. It’s a scene celebrating the simple joys of life, combining the sweetness of childhood with the soothing pleasure of a hot drink.

In this charming picture, you will see a beaming girl next to a cup of coffee on the floor. However, there is an intriguing difference between the two images, a detail that makes one of the images unique. Your task is to discover this element, which can be a subtle nuance, a unique expression, or a detail of the setting.

While the girl is enjoying her coffee and soaking up the cozy atmosphere, it’s time to test her powers of observation.

And finally, the discovery of differences in Café da Manha!

You immerse yourself in the welcoming atmosphere of this scene, carefully watching the happy girl next to the irresistible coffee, looking for details that made one of the images unique. Now is the most interesting time to find out the answer! Are you ready to find out what the difference is?

Here is an image showing a noticeable difference and highlighting the moment that challenged your eyes. Sometimes, even in the simplest experiments, the details can surprise you.

Answer․ The difference was in the girl’s ears, could you find her?

We would like to express our gratitude for your participation in this difference-finding task.

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