The task is as follows. find the hidden difference in the picture in 12 seconds

Visual test

Welcome to another exciting challenge! Get ready to embark on a journey full of tenderness and fun, where the friendship between an adorable boy and his inseparable dog takes center stage.

In this charming setting, every detail is important, and your mission is to identify the only difference between the two images that convey the essence of this special friendship.

Imagine that you are immersed in this world filled with joy and devotion, where the bond between a boy and his faithful four-legged friend is glorified. However, there is a slight difference between the two images, which seem identical.

Are you ready for this visual search filled with love and friendship? So, immerse yourself in this exciting challenge and discover the only difference. Good luck, visual researcher, and let the fun begin!

It’s an exciting time to solve a mystery!

Surprisingly, there is an imperceptible difference between the two images, waiting to be revealed by careful glances. What is this change, at what time did your friends become even more unique? Find out now by checking the markup on the image.

We thank everyone for participating and for access to the Genius quiz. Your commitment to having fun with us is necessary to create a unique experience.

Keep checking your SaaS skills on the nasa website, there are surprises and riddles waiting for you to search by mail. Congratulations on the years that have revealed this difference and completed the next challenge!

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