Find a candle in 12 seconds: many people can’t

Visual test

Welcome to an intriguing visual challenge. Get ready for a mysterious adventure in an enchanted forest, where a candle hides unnoticed in the shadows. This test invites you to sharpen your vision and immerse yourself in a world of details, most of which may go unnoticed.

In the silence of the forest, a girl and a boy engage in games, while the candle remains cleverly disguised. Your detective gaze will be the key to solving this visual puzzle. Can you determine the exact location where the candle is hiding?

The search for the candle is a trial that will test your attention to detail and observation skills. Prepare to explore every corner of the image, where shadows and light reveal hidden clues. May this quest for hidden light be as stimulating as a game in the forest.

After thorough searches in the corners of the enchanted forest, it’s time to shed light on the truth and reveal the hidden location of the candle that challenged so many curious gazes.

Here is where the candle hid, waiting to be discovered by perceptive minds. Congratulations to the visual detectives who successfully identified the exact spot, showcasing keen eyesight. Every shadow and beam of light conspired to conceal this mystery, but you remained fearless in your pursuit.

To all participants who took part in this visual adventure, we sincerely thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm. We appreciate everyone for making this task so engaging, and we hope to see you again for solving future puzzles.

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