The guy from the back: try to find the hidden difference in the picture in 7 seconds

Visual test

Welcome to the intriguing visual quiz tour for Djinn: In this assignment, your mission is to explore the sidewalk and reveal the uniqueness hiding between the lines of this seemingly simple scene. A boy walking towards the unknown carries with him a visual mystery that is waiting to be discovered.

Turning his back on us, this young man invites us on a journey of careful observation. Get ready for a visual experience where every step a boy takes can reveal an exciting mystery.

May your eyes be as attentive as a boy’s footsteps on the sidewalk, and may your search for differences be as intriguing as the story that is about to unfold. Good luck, Detective Observer! I wish you to uncover the visual secret and find out what makes this test a unique adventure.

After a thorough search for differences in the task, it’s time to reveal what makes this scene visually unique.

Eureka! That’s the long-awaited answer. The difference that was hidden between the images was discovered. Let’s find out what makes this assignment so special.

The difference is in the boy’s hand, in one image he has nothing, and in the other — an eskimo, did you notice? Write to us in the comments!

Congratulations on the visual acuity of all the detective observers who successfully discovered the unusual with their sharp eyes. Every detail is important, and you captured the mystery that makes this scene so unique.

Every challenge is an opportunity for learning and entertainment, and you have made this moment as meaningful as taking to the streets of the city.

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