Visual test. Try to find a difference in the Koala depicted in the image within 9 seconds.


Test your ability to perceive things! Dive into this visual puzzle, focus on the small details, and try to find the differences.

Optical illusions are fascinating tricks related to how we perceive things, making us doubt what is real. They use colors, patterns, and depth to create paintings that surprise us. Artists and scientists use these illusions to understand how our brain interprets what we see.

From images that appear different to clues related to size and perspective, these riddles capture our attention and prompt us to think about how we see the world.

The peculiarity of optical illusions is that they teach us that our eyes do not always see the truth. Our brain sometimes makes assumptions or fills in missing fragments, creating illusions. Imagine looking at an image that seems to move, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s perfectly still.

Sometimes, it seems like the image changes shape or color if you look at it for a while. These tricks happen because our eyes and brain don’t always understand things in the same way. It’s an optical illusion in action. Only true observers will be able to notice 1 difference in the image in 9 seconds.

In this optical illusion, you need to find three different elements in two images. You only have 9 seconds! It’s a test that allows you to assess how quickly you notice small changes. To play, you must look very carefully at the two photos. Check and find the three differences in the image.

Answer: Look closely at the Koala’s ear in the right image, and you will notice the difference.

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