The young man has turned a 800 years old cave into a comfortable house: the result is amazing


Once this wonderful cave was a simple house. Difficult and hard times went and people do not have to live in the caves any more.

Nowdays people have become very creative in making caves such a wonderful place to live. This makes the corner distinctive and enjoyable.

A bussinessman whose name is Angelo Mastropietro surprised everybody with his idea. He turned the cave into a dreamy place.

The bussinessman has lived in luxurious houses but this one was really a change for him.

The bussinessman came to Great Britain in 2010. He had lived and worked in Australia 15 years ago. Now he has the chance of having the cave which he and his friends dreamt of having in their youth.

This was his childhood dream to have the cosiest and enjoyable secret place. He created a real masterpiece from this old cave.

The result was esthetic and astonishing that many people wanted to come and see pleasurable and cozy artwork. People lived in the cave since 1930s.

The cave was sold for 63,000 pounds and for the renovation the new owner spent 170,000 euros.

The owner did not change the outside of the cave only inside the interior of the cave. For the natural light windows were put in the cave.

The esthetic and comfortable interior of the cave is very awesome.

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