Husband moved to tears: After a visit to a beauty salon, this woman became unrecognizable


It is very exciting that we sometimes forget purselves devoting our time on our relatives, children and friends. Have you ever thought about how much time you spent on your personal comfort and self care.

Women devote their lives on household chores, children, business and forget about caring about themselves. They even sometimes dream about going to a spa.

This woman decided to change her image and that impressed everybody present. She changed so much that made her favourite people be shocked and excited.

Their eyes were filled with tears of happiness and joy. She did a radical change.

The woman’s name is Brenda Macy. She is a typical American grandmother. The woman was caught up with her everyday household chores that she forgot to care about herself or go to the hairdresser’s for several years.

The woman participated in tbe project called Today project. Her appearance was changed beyond recognition.

She is 45 years old and she is a grandmother of six grandchildren. She changed so much that her husband could not hold back her tears and began crying as he saw his wife.

See yourslef her abrupt change. She even says that she changed for 20 years both in character and appearance. She has positivity and much energy inside.

Appearance is not important of course but having such abrupt changes in appearance can give joy and energy.

Would you like to change your appearance radically for change?

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